Nippers 2016/17

Summer is only weeks away and preparations for the 2016/17 season are underway.  To ensure the program runs smoothly, we need parents to help run the program and be organised with online memberships, fees paid, working with children checks, swimming competency forms, uniform etc, BEFORE the season starts. 

See the information below and get organised now. 

Bancoora's AIM:

Bancoora’s mozzie & nipper programs are all about fun and aims to teach the children about beach safety and give them some basic surf lifesaving skills.  It is the start of your child’s journey to becoming a patrolling member down the track.

Nipper dates and times for 2016/17
  • Nipper Session 1 & Come and Try Day – Sunday, 11 December 2016
  • Nipper Session 2 – Sunday, 18 December 2016
  • Nipper Session 3 – Sunday 8 January 2017
  • Nipper Session 4 – Sunday 15 January 2017
  • Nipper Session 5 – Sunday 22 January 2017
  • Nipper Session 6 – Sunday 29 January 2017
  • Nipper Session 7 – Sunday 5 February 2017
  • Nipper Session 8 – Sunday 12 February 2017
  • Nipper Session 9 – Sunday 19 February 2017
  • Nipper Carnival – Sunday 26 February 2017
  • Nipper Sleep over Saturday 18th February.  Limited numbers.  More information closer to the event.


  • Arrive at the beach at 10am to sign in and be briefed on the session’s activities
  • Nippers will start at 10:30am, and finish at 12:30pm
  • Mozzies (under 6 & 7) start at 10:30am and finish around 11:30am
  • A BBQ with sausages and drinks is available for nippers, young guns and families to enjoy after each session.
Membership Information

To participate in the nippers program the family must be club members and pay the family membership and nipper participation fee.  Details are available by clicking here.   Please fill out the membership details and pay fees on line BEFORE the first nipper session on Sunday 11th December.

Working With Children Checks (WWCC)

All parents and guardians of children participating in nippers and anyone helping out, requires a WWCC.  The club requires a copy of your current WWCC. Please email a copy or hand a copy to the Nipper Coordinators or membership officers before nippers begin.  You are required to have Bancoora Surf Lifesaving Club listed as a group on your WWCC.

If you do not have a WWCC, you need to apply for one before the season begins.  Please note, once you have filled out the online form you have to take a copy of this with a passport photo to the post office for verification.  You have to make an appointment at the post office.  It takes 2 weeks to get the WWCC card.  Get organized NOW.

See the web site for details.  There is no cost for this when applying as a volunteer.

Swimming Competency

For each nipper to be able to participate in water-based activities, they must be able to swim.  We are not a ‘learn to swim’ program.

The below form must be completed by a qualified swimming coach/teacher, Level 1 Coach, Level 1 Official, Age Managers Assessor (SRC/Bronze), Training Officer (SRC/Bronze) and returned to the nipper coordinators or membership officers on or prior to the first Nipper Session.

Nippers cannot participate in water activities unless this form has been completed and returned to the club. 

Swimming Competency  Form - Please click here to access the form

Age Group

Swim And Float Requirement

Under 8

25 metre swim (any stroke)

1 minute survival float

Under 9

25 metre swim (any stroke)

1 minute survival float

Under 10

25 metre swim (freestyle)

1 ½ minute survival float

Under 11

50 metre swim (freestyle)

2 minute survival float

Under 12

100 metre swim (freestyle)

2 minute survival float

Under 13

150 metre swim (freestyle)

3 minute survival float

Under 14

200 metre swim (freestyle) in less than 5 minutes

3 minute survival float

Age Groups and Activities


Mozzies – U6/U7 Run for about an hour, with limited water activities and separate to nippers activities.  This is an introduction based on fun and games.

Nippers – U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13/14.  The age groups rotate through 6 activities.

Beach Activities





Beach Education




5 Years Old

Participate as Under 6 – Mozzies

6 Years Old

Participate as Under 7 – Mozzies

7 Years Old

Participate as Under 8

8 Years Old

Participate as Under 9

9 Years Old

Participate as Under 10

10 Years Old

Participate as Under 11

11 Years Old

Participate as Under 12

12 Years Old

Participate as Under 13

13 Years Old

Participate as Under 14

14 Years Old

Participate in Young Guns

For example, if your child is born on the 10 September 2008 they are age 8. On the 30 September 2016 they will be in the under 9 age group.  If you child is born 10 December 2008, they are age 7 on the 30 September 2016 2016 and will be in the under 8 age group.


Bring Each Week:

Sunscreen                                    Nippers rashie

Wet suit                                          Bathers

Towel                                             Nippers cap

Goggles                                        Drink bottle.


Nipper caps and rashies are compulsory.  Caps are on sale at the club for $20 each.

If you have a rashie from last year please use it again or bring it along as a spare if it no longer fits. New rashies are issued to nippers upon paying membership.

Upon Arrival

Please arrive before 10am.

When you arrive please sign your child into the appropriate age group folder on the beach side of the club rooms.

Check the notice board for updated information.

Check the roster to see if you are rostered to help anywhere.  Add your name to the roster to fill any gaps there may be.

Help out with set up activities.

Please get your children ready for the water with wetsuit, rashy, cap, goggles and sunscreen and get them to stand near their age group flag by 10:15am


Nippers only runs if we have enough volunteers. The program is run by parents of Nippers.  Parents cannot ‘drop and go’ or lay on the beach doing nothing.  As a member of the club you are required to assist and be present during the program in case of emergency. Bancoora SLSC is a small club and needs ALL members to pitch in and get things done.  To ensure this season is as successful as can be, we need your help.  It is a great example to your children and they love having their parents involved.  Don’t leave it to someone else.

We require each family involved in nippers and young guns to volunteer.

We are putting the call out for the following positions:

  • Board Instructor
  • Swim Instructor
  • Wade Instructor
  • Flags Instructor
  • Education Instructor
  • Beach Activities Instructor
  • Mozzies Coordinator
  • BBQ Coordinator
  • BBQ helpers x 6 (each week)
  • Time keeper
  • Water safety Coordinator
  • Water safety officers with a current surf lifesaving bronze medallion. (Ratio 1:5)
  • Age group managers (1or 2 per age group – 14)
  • Beach set up helpers.

See the position descriptions in the attached document for more detail.   Please click here to for more details on how you can help.

If you are willing to take on any of the above positions, email Rick ASAP so you can take on the job most suited to you.  A volunteer roster will be on the notice board each week. The nippers program will be of better quality if the coordinators can focus on the children and not chase volunteers each week.

Nipper Contacts


Rick Werner                                                 Emily Cross

0407 868 895                                               0431 090 634